5 Holiday Hairstyle Trends - Antonio Salon | Best Hair Salon in Seattle. Washington

Yes, we know you are thinking ‘Why bother doing our hair and going to all that effort when there’s nowhere to go and nobody to get dressed up for”? Well, sometimes making the little bit of effort is all it takes to lift your spirit and turn your day from Blah to Fab.  We at Antonio  have compiled some of our favorite Holiday Hair Trends to get you started and give you some inspiration.  If you really can’t master these at home yourself, why not make an appointment with one of our hairstylists and let them do all the work.  You deserve it.!


1.The High Pony.  It’s a style that’ll last all night long and is super easy to do.  Prep the hair with some Volumizing Mousse from Davines to make the style last.


2. The Messy Top Knot. Always super chic and super easy to do.  This style looks great when paired with some super sexy bangs as seen here on Dakota Johnson.


3. Glam Waves.  A Classic that never goes out of date!  This style always looks best when parted on the side and tucked behind one ear.  Consider using a hair-clip on the tucked side for that extra bling.


 4. Half Up-Do.  Bows and holiday hair go hand in hand. Adding a black bow to a bob styled in a half-up half-down look gives it a festive vibe.


 5.The Sleek Center Part.  If sleek, straight hair is your go-to, switch things up with a center part and tuck the front pieces behind your ear.